Micronutrient 101: Minerals - Iron

by Jowynna Yeo - 5th Sep 2019

When we breathe in, oxygen will go into our lungs...

Iron plays a role as a driver, or transporter in bringing the oxygen from the lungs to the body. Iron is important to sustain our body functions in many ways such as synthesis of DNA, normal brain function and more. 


Did you know there are 2 types of iron? 


1. Heme Iron 

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Heme iron can be found from the haemoglobin and myoglobin of flesh foods such as meats, fish and poultry. It makes up about 40% of iron from the animal foods, while the rest is non-heme iron. 


2. Non-heme Iron

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This is found in plant foods such as breads, cereals, dark leafy vegetables (such as spinach & kangkung), legumes and eggs. 


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Fun fact: Pair your iron foods with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to increase iron absorption! 


Include iron food sources into your daily meals! 

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