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Hi, I’m Jowynna

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I am committed to enhancing lives through food & nutrition education,

with a particular focus on children.

I firmly believe that cultivating healthy habits from a young age is the foundation for lifelong well-being.

Jowynna is the founder of Vease Nutrition and a consultant dietitian at ABC Children Specialist Clinic, providing support to young patients and their families. Her expertise has gained recognition, leading to features in the media such as Berita Harian, BFM 89.9,, Harian Metro and theAsianparent.

Jowynna is also the author of a children's nutrition book titled ‘Eat Well, Grow Well’

With a wealth of expertise cultivated over the years, she actively engages diverse audiences by conducting health talks, interactive webinars, cooking demonstrations, and hands-on healthy cooking classes. Her audience includes a wide range of clients, from schools and corporate entities to the broader community.

Farm visits

Our Activities

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baking class

Kid Cooking in the Kitchen

cooking class


Dietitian Instructors

Our cooking and baking classes are led by dietitians and nutritionists. We've designed these classes to include age-appropriate nutrition education, ensuring that your child's learning experience is as fulfilling as their culinary adventure.

Nutritious Recipes

Our cooking and baking classes are centered on teaching children the joy of preparing nutritious foods, empowering them to make healthier eating choices.

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Small Group Classes

We offer engaging small group classes, fostering a personalised and interactive learning environment for all children. Our focus on limited class sizes ensures individualised attention and an enriching experience for everyone.


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"My children absolutely love these cooking and baking classes! Not only do they get to create delicious treats, but they're also learning about making healthier food choices. It's a win-win for both fun and education!"

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I'm thrilled with these classes! My kids are improving their cooking skills and learning more about nutrition. It's a fantastic way to encourage a love for nutritious eating from a young age!"

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“I can't recommend these classes enough. The small group setting ensures my child gets the attention they need, and the bite-sized nutrition lessons are a brilliant addition. My daughter now takes pride in making her own healthy snacks!”

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"These classes have been a game-changer for our family. Our kids have developed a newfound enthusiasm for cooking. It's inspiring to see them embrace healthier eating habits so joyfully!"


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Health Talks

Our talks are dynamic, interactive, and designed to captivate your mind.

Join us as we delve into the world of health, covering nutrition and fitness.

Healthy Cooking Demo

Discover the art of preparing delicious, wholesome dishes that not only tantalise your taste buds but also nourish your body.

Kid shows strength of eats vegetables and nutritious food.

Picky Eater Workshop

Transform mealtime battles into moments of harmony! We'll share practical strategies and evidence-based advice to help your child broaden their palate and embrace new foods.

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Recipe Development

We specialise in crafting innovative and nutritious recipes, combining culinary expertise with nutrition to highlight various products, ingredients, or dietary requirements.

Join our esteemed clientele & partners!


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